Natsu x lucy lemon 《>~<》

Natsu x lucy lemon 《>~<》

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After a day at the guild, natsu and I quickly head to his house. It's been a long and dramatic day for the both of us. Natsu had just come back from a 3 month mission and I found out that we have mutual feelings for each other. And since it's mating season, his feelings and desire for IT is stronger than ever.

We finally get to his house. We quickly go inside. Suddenly he pins me against the wall and smashes his lips against mine begging for entrance. Naturally I let him inside. After for what seemed like an eternity, we break apart our sloppy kiss gasping for air.

"Ha..ha.. n-nastsu.." 

Without hesitation he starts kissing my neck biting and sucking, looking for my sweet spot. Leaving his marks all over my upper and lower neck.

I let out a loud moan. 


He suddenly stops and stares into my eyes. And I stare into his; soft crimson eyes filled with passion and lust, also with a hint of loneliness and pain.

I blush madly. My heart longing for his touch. It's unbearable. My...

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😳😳😳😳 I'm shocked I don't know what to say 😅😅😅
You keep saying 'you' it feels like myself and Natsu, which is gross! You should say 
So, I play as Lucy, huh? MY DREAMS COME TRUE!!! ♪(*^^)o∀*∀o(^^*)♪
My heartbeat??!!! Don't tell me I'm actually watching this?!
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OH GOD NO IM A GUY AND I DON'T WANT TO BE A GIRL (plz don't take it offensive) I FEEL DIRTY