Just Another Love Story: Kevedd

Just Another Love Story: Kevedd

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Aurora✌ By AuroraisnotAmazing Updated Sep 30, 2015


Kevin's p.o.v.

Ugh. I hate school. I hate waking up everyday so early. Of course there's one enjoyable part; I get to see HIM. 

After laying in bed for about 5minutes I decided I needed to get ready. I grabbed my regular outfit of a green sweater/shirt and skinny jeans. To top it off my hat. I've always worn my hat. Honestly I don't really know why I wear it besides I'm just used to it and everyone else is too.

Its a warm day out so I decided to walk. I live close to the school so I didn't mind walking. No one really knows I enjoy things like this. I make myself out to be a typical jock.

I bet Double D would really like this. I thought. No one really knew I liked the dweeb except my best friend, Nat. I developed feelings for him around seventh grade. I denied it all the way through middle school but now in the tenth grade I accepted it.

I arrived at school and I walk over to the tree where my friends stay until the bell. ...

Mitathia Mitathia Jul 20
I'd like to time skip all the way until I'm retired so I can read all the fanfics I want without interference.
KittyKatShmeow KittyKatShmeow Jun 21, 2016
Is it just me, or does (on the front cover) the space between Edd and Kevin look like a heart?
*what would of happen anyways*
                              "blah blah blah-" The bell rang. BAM end of school. *shrugs* its a given.
KitkatKatelynKK KitkatKatelynKK Mar 30, 2016
Is it weird that I greet people with," Salutations fellow humans"?
PellyBee PellyBee Aug 08, 2016
Was too lazy? I understand😁 no likes school let alone write about it
I thought this was Kevin's pov and I was like...kev hun... ya feeling alright? Did you just say you..*shudders*...liked school?