Suicide Hotline (Ereri/Riren/Eren x Levi AU)

Suicide Hotline (Ereri/Riren/Eren x Levi AU)

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Jill( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) By Ereri_Af Updated Dec 29, 2015


"I feel like killing myself again,"


{No characters mentioned or pictures used are mine.}

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AliieKattz AliieKattz Nov 09
I feel like that after I’ve cut myself. My mom isn’t even awful, she’s wonderful and so is my life, I just like to cut.
David. I miss you brother. If only I could see through your depression and scars, I could have saved you. But I was too ignorant to notice. I am so sorry😢😢😭😭😭😭
Wait, I feel like it's Levi, not Eren. OH MY GOD IM SO FÛCKIN CONFUSED
I don't know if it's Eren or Levi. I mean Levi is suicidal in a lot of Fics, but he has a deep voice. It could be seme Eren cause he always has a deep voice when he's the one topping. And the person about to cut is sassy, both Eren and Levi can be sassy, mostly Levi tho. God dang it, I don't know!
Oh, ok. I think it's Eren about to cut since the hotline dude said kid and cusses a lot.
lovelessisbay lovelessisbay 14 hours ago
is it really sad that id say thad be me laphing wile about to cut or commit,  wile on a phone with suiside hotline (im not joing about this)