I'm Still Here (Hiro x Reader)

I'm Still Here (Hiro x Reader)

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Mariah • Queen of BH6 By RioftheSouthernIsles Completed

"I'll never be what you want me to be." 

Hiro Hamada has been forced to grow up too soon. At the age of thirteen, he graduated high school. He went right into bot fighting afterwards, despite his brother's pleas. 
No one seems to understand what he wants to do with his life. He isn't a kid, so why should be be treated like one? Then, one night, Hiro meets you, and everything changes.

~Inspired by Disney's Treasure Planet~

*All characters belong to Disney*

Love_Is_New Love_Is_New Jun 20
im gonna binge this story starting now at 1:55 in the morning (watch me fall asleep in a couple chapters lol)
And wow that was meant for the last chapter but okay😂😂
I stayed up until 1 in the morning reading this. That tells you it's a hella good story😂😂 I LOVED EVERY BIT OF IT AHH
Twinkle twinkle little star.....
                              I WANNA HIT PEOPLE WITH A CAR
                              THROW THEM OFF A CLIFF SO HIGH
                              HOPE THEY BREAK THEIR NECK AND DIE
Drunk_Rat Drunk_Rat Jul 13
Seriously?! You sit next to me, act super rude, and then when I leave, you leave?! Thanks for ruining a perfectly good night, Hiro.
Maite_Pines Maite_Pines May 07
                              The big dipper
                              DIPPER PINES *does that john cena thingy*