SasuNaru - I Need A Hand

SasuNaru - I Need A Hand

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We all know Sasuke Uchiha as the cold hearted person who just wants revenge. And Naruto Uzumaki as the happy-go-lucky person and who loves ramen and wants to become Hokage (who achieved that). But what will happen if something comes along go change one of their lives forever...

Not a relationship
But something else...

Not death either....


Read to find out :3

IfYouWereGay IfYouWereGay Nov 19, 2016
Reading two comments about their dislike of hetero pairings almost made me barf. *giggle*
ElanaAnderson ElanaAnderson Nov 03, 2016
WHY!!!!!!!????????? WHY DAMN YOU NARUSAKU!!!!!! I WILL BOMB THIS SHIP UNTIL IT DIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Mekoon Mekoon Oct 02, 2016
I mean, I can understand NaruSaku. It is much better than SS and NH tbh. 
                              But SNS for the win, m8.
sage_kairu sage_kairu Sep 02, 2016
Ew, let me tell you. One of the things that I most hate in life is NaruSaku
MafiaRainbow MafiaRainbow Nov 26, 2015
Wow... Sasuke you need to step up ur game. Don't let S A K U R A steal ur man! 
                              Plan Steal-Naruto-Away-For-Yourself, is in action!
taylacpf taylacpf Nov 10, 2015
Most fantastic placing of an exclamation mark I ever did see XD