SasuNaru - I Need A Hand

SasuNaru - I Need A Hand

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We all know Sasuke Uchiha as the cold hearted person who just wants revenge. And Naruto Uzumaki as the happy-go-lucky person and who loves ramen and wants to become Hokage (who achieved that). But what will happen if something comes along go change one of their lives forever...

Not a relationship
But something else...

Not death either....


Read to find out :3

Oh ew please no. I hate SasuSaku the most, but
I'm looking at a straight ship in my head called narusaku
                              :runs off and starts picking in a big porslen bowl known as 'The Toilet':
Hanran-gun Hanran-gun Aug 18
I thought it said tsundere instead of tsunade, I don't know what's wrong with me😓
G12F7G2 G12F7G2 Jun 05
That quickly Jesus I mean I have 'fights' but it's hard to make up from them
YoosvngKim YoosvngKim May 15
At least it's not Sasuke and Sakura I can't stab them being together
ImSoGayImSoFuckinGay ImSoGayImSoFuckinGay Nov 19, 2016
Reading two comments about their dislike of hetero pairings almost made me barf. *giggle*