Into the Light (sting x reader) lemon

Into the Light (sting x reader) lemon

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Why am I always falling. The black void around me it's always the same, cold and dark. 

" Just like your heart and soul." a gentle, yet cold voice said.
That voice! It's new and yet it sounds familiar. To be quite honest it scared me. 

"Who's there?" I asked, my voice shaking a little.

"Aww, I'm kinda hurt you don't remember me. Has it really been that long? My poor darling, soon you'll be mine again."

"Again? What do you mean 'again' I don't know you." I told the voice.

"You will all in good time my darling, all in good time." the voice gave a throaty chuckle and I was left alone again, falling into nothingness.

I woke with a jump, nearly falling out of bed. I was sweating something fierce. My heart felt like it was going to jump out of my chest. My pillow and sheets were soaked.

'Gross!' I thought. Stupid dream! Why is it the same thing every night. But it wasn't the same last night was it? Something new happened, a voice.

"I wonder who that voice belonged t...

ItsMissKaiKai ItsMissKaiKai Sep 14, 2016
Anyone else think of Elsa here? No, just me? Mmkay, I'll just go Fangirl over Rogue in my corner of shame
280349az 280349az 5 days ago
That's my Best friend name I miss her we go to different schools😭😭😭
BreannaKurayami BreannaKurayami Dec 07, 2016
Streaker...lmao. Idk why, but using that specific word to describe him is funny. Kind of accurate...but still funny :)
Star_light_love13 Star_light_love13 Aug 30, 2015
thanks for the input :) this has made me go back through a few other chapters and review them again. I found a few continuity issues and fixed them. it helps a lot :D
onepiecelawfan onepiecelawfan Aug 29, 2015
If it were me I'd say,"I can't touch you or you will die."
                              Or something like that.