Broken - a Union J fanfic.

Broken - a Union J fanfic.

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ohmyshelley By ohmyshelley Updated Apr 08, 2013

As I walked out of the club and walked down the street linking too George's arm,JJ holding on to Jaymi trying to keep upright,Josh and Amy were just a few meters in front hand in hand. Josh was completely  in love with her, when he looks at her it is as if nobody else in the world matters. You would of never seen a happier couple. Yet,something was different. Josh was still his smitten lovey dovey self even though he was extremely drunk,but something was different about Amy. She wasn't her usual chatty,giggley self,but seemed somehow awkward,concerned and worried.

"Amy's acting strange..." Whispered George making sure she didn't hear him.

"I thought I was the only one who noticed" I replied,relieved that I wasn't the only one "I hope she's okay" .

"she is probably just not feeling to good,it's been a loooong night"

"Yeah probably..."

"Don't sound so worried,she'll be fine" laughed George as he tickled me and threw me over his shoulder. I laughed and squealed as I punched his back ...

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