We're Not Friends

We're Not Friends

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Xoxo_CamilaLover By NinaArianaLover Completed

"Oh god...please, Lauren..." I moaned in her ear.

She quickly adjusted her clothes and pushed herself into me before my addled brain could even process what had happened. I had to lightly bite her shoulder to keep from screaming out with the pleasure of it. She buried her head in my neck and paused to catch her breath. In my impatience, I raised my hips to hers and she groaned, pushing hard against me. I wanted it harder. Surprisingly I told her so, and she roughly, and eagerly, obliged.

"God, Camila..." I heard a faint, "god...yes," and then she muttered

G!p Lauren

I used to do this with my guy, aaawww. Especially if they will let u pick the clothes they wear, its too cute. 😄😄😄😄😄
Wow that picture is hot but...... the name of the chapter hit me hard 😔
Well... this was..... cringe worthy. I could tell it's gonna be a good book tho..
What the heck! I used to do this too. LMAO treating my partner like a baby is too cute. For me tho, the comments doesnt seem to like it haha.
How much longer am I going to have to read about how great Austin is!?! I'm literally gagging.
Boy that is not how you take care of a woman. Let Lauren show you how it's done 😂