We're Not Friends

We're Not Friends

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"Oh god...please, Lauren..." I moaned in her ear.

She quickly adjusted her clothes and pushed herself into me before my addled brain could even process what had happened. I had to lightly bite her shoulder to keep from screaming out with the pleasure of it. She buried her head in my neck and paused to catch her breath. In my impatience, I raised my hips to hers and she groaned, pushing hard against me. I wanted it harder. Surprisingly I told her so, and she roughly, and eagerly, obliged.

"God, Camila..." I heard a faint, "god...yes," and then she muttered

G!p Lauren

Jaureguss Jaureguss 5 days ago
The first thing that popped into my head was Olly and Andy from Bob's Burgers
Jaureguss Jaureguss 5 days ago
She moved across the country so her boyfriend would work at MCDONALD'S
solarsouls solarsouls 2 days ago
Ive always wondered why everyone hates Austin so much, same with Shawn. They seem okay
Camren_onlyforyou Camren_onlyforyou 2 days ago
I kinda just want to skip this part until Lauren and Camila become a thing... right???