His Second Chance [ON HOLD]

His Second Chance [ON HOLD]

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plottwists By plottwists Updated Aug 07, 2016

Werewolves have one mate. Only one. No amount of voodoo, black magic or bargaining with the Moon Goddess could fix that. Not that any of that stopped Wade from trying. And failing. But mostly failing. 

     With the death of his mate, Wade was like a sad, lost puppy. Despite the emotional turmoil that was going through his brain, his pack was growing weaker and weaker by the day. A pack without a Luna is no pack at all, and with the recent loss of their Luna, The Crescent Warriors couldn't be anymore screwed. So Wade tried everything in his power to bring back his mate. But nothing worked. Not even the strongest forces in the world could change the fate the Moon Goddess had destined. 

     Until Violet Campbell entered the picture and defied all logic. She wasn't supposed to exist. And not in the way that her parents forgot to wear a condom and then nine months later she was miraculously born. No. Violet couldn't exist because it wasn't genetically impossible - genetically impossible for a Werewolf to have two mates, that is. 

     For, Wade didn't have merely one mate. But he had two (what a lucky dog). And he wasn't going to take that for granted. 

[rewritten version]

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goddessjoseph goddessjoseph Oct 29, 2015
I'd be like "it's a gift from the last girl you fücked to remind you of how tiny it actually is. She just doesn't want your ego getting too big that it bursts that little dick." And walk away like the bîtch I am
WrittenDreams3 WrittenDreams3 Jun 26, 2015
Oh wow the story is really interesting. I'm hooked (been hooked from the very first version) :)
xxSkemoxx183 xxSkemoxx183 Jun 06, 2015
lol, dead. This is my favorite line, don't care, favorite right here!
SAVE_me_from_myself1 SAVE_me_from_myself1 Jan 21, 2014
omg I love the book im not hateing but it would be nice If you could do us all a favor a update c: <33
hi_im_blurryface hi_im_blurryface Jul 05, 2013
I live in Oregon!!! The whole storm thing is completely true -.- but I love Oregon anyways<3
achilles22 achilles22 Jun 27, 2013
This is a great story. Your descriptions are vivid and stimulate the imagination as i read. The characters are well developed, and bring so much life to your story. Great work and good luck with your writing, I look forward to more.