rich kid, asshole :: muke

rich kid, asshole :: muke

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sugarmommy By pokemikeyy Updated Sep 04, 2016

Luke Hemmings, a student of Riverside High School, has been known for throwing the party of the year, every year. 

Michael Clifford, a new student of Riverside High School, is known for his combat boots, red hair, and the fact that he hates Luke Hemmings.

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5sos-shelbs 5sos-shelbs Apr 19
I saw Riverside High School, and I was like oh hey I go there. :))))) I'll picture them at school now ugh
livingphotos livingphotos Aug 01, 2016
I go to riverside middle school, but next year I will be going to riverside high school
rampagingfuckboy rampagingfuckboy Nov 01, 2016
I can't go to lunch or do really anything without somebody with me so I'll literally miss lunch and starve if my friends don't want to go
mukemoney mukemoney Nov 06, 2016
cause somebody stole my kitchen radio and now i just eat in silence
-feminine5sos -feminine5sos May 22, 2016
OH mY gOd YOU NEED JeSuS !1!1!1! HETRO FOR THE WIN! UR ALL GOiNg tO hELL😡😡😒😒😟😩😰😪
TrillieUniverse TrillieUniverse Dec 07, 2016
OH MY GOD. I didn't scroll down yet and I immediately said "about what?" And wiggled my eyebrows ¿?!