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"Please...don't do this." I whimpered as he took a step closer.
He narrowed his black eyes, "Sorry not sorry." he sneered.
I closed my eyes, praying this would be over soon.


Celina Blood, she's shy, sweet, caring, but she's also stubborn and strong. She's a fun she-wolf who is hiding a terrible past. 

Hades Black, the arrogant Alpha who is disgusted by rogues. He's cruel and heartless, something his mate learns quickly. Along with something else that may just fully break her.

Polaris65 Polaris65 Aug 05
*me when I realize I was on Wattpad through the night and got zero hours of sleep* welp (:
Polaris65 Polaris65 Aug 05
Now I know that eating that chocolate ice cream cake was not good for my waistline, but man.... you don't have to get so worked up about it. Geez- I don't regret it yet! 😒
Polaris65 Polaris65 Aug 05
I bet her motha was thinking it was a mistake to get it on with you when you couldn't finish the job with all the d*ck stored in your personality instead of the bedroom...... ✋🏼
Polaris65 Polaris65 Aug 05
Is the tree ok? 
                              Is she ok? 
                              Is your face ok man.....ah whoops it isn't anymore *punches him with a powerful fury*
This is why you need a safe word.
                              Oh god I hate my dirty mind
gviolette3 gviolette3 Aug 03
Have you ever heard about our lord and savior, Jesus Christ?