The Marauders Era: The Return Of Prongs.

The Marauders Era: The Return Of Prongs.

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Take Your Bow and Arrows then Fly By thefangirlofhp Completed

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'..and Harry found himself wishing, not for the first time, that his father was alive. As the clock chimed midnight he started, what a coincidence'

Under the ground, a pair of hazel eyes behind a pair of glasses snapped open in alarm. Where were they?

A world headcannon just came true, not your average James Potter return, nor your un-average James Potter return.

Exciting, and highly recommened to those who have always wished Harry had the loving father


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rulerofallfandoms rulerofallfandoms Sep 04, 2016
Great way to break my heart. Don't you dare turn into John Green😂😭
rulerofallfandoms rulerofallfandoms Sep 04, 2016
Come one Harry! Do you even care about your mother too?!?!?!
Sara_Dixon Sara_Dixon May 01, 2016
Aaahhh! The Fault in our Stars!! 
                              I already love this book jajaja! xD :D <3
ShipsSailSir ShipsSailSir Dec 28, 2016
*walking dead theme tune*
                              Yes I know that's not how it happens but still
Siriusly_a_phangirl Siriusly_a_phangirl Feb 15, 2016
This is epic, and I'm so excited to read it! It's so well written, and it's different from  all the other return stories.
Siriusly_a_phangirl Siriusly_a_phangirl Oct 27, 2016
Rereading cause this is one of my favorite stories and it's just goals👌😘