Rogues' Mate #wattys2016

Rogues' Mate #wattys2016

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Sofia Mason is a rouge.

She has been a rouge ever since her pack got attacked.

On the night of the attack her father - the alpha of a strong pack and a Lycan - says she should run away. That it was too dangerous for her. But she didn't listen. She helped the pack with the attack but they never made it. They lost to a bunch of rouges - and is the tail says, if an alpha is defeated then the power comes to that person who took him down. But it never did. It went down to another person - her brother hat she doesn't know about - and he doesn't know it. And the person who killed her father thinks he has power but he doesn't. 

At eighteen, she's still running and she has been masking her scent. But that fails all when she meets her mate. The most ruthless, cruel, powerful, handsome alpha and has the number one top pack in America.

Will she stay or keep on running like her father told her to do?

But what she finds there, shocks her. 

Her brother.

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marlouba67 marlouba67 Aug 21, 2017
Lol why does Everytime you go to say'that'',you end up saying hat ?.
                              Not an insult ,just an observation 😀
DaddysKitty2102 DaddysKitty2102 Apr 24, 2017
Wait is she human she said she was masking her sent but she just said she was the only human I'm really confused
Call_Me_Bird Call_Me_Bird Jun 26, 2017
I almost has feels, like a very tiny amount of feels but still feels