Stuck In A Cabin With Him

Stuck In A Cabin With Him

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This is my 2nd story that I made. I do writing for fun! This story is FICTION! So, don't be rude and leave mean comments! I would appreciate that very much! Thanks. 


Stuck In A Cabin With Him

Chapter o1.

I tapped my pencil on my desk waiting for the bell to ring. Tomorrow would be our last day of school before our winter break.  I couldn't wait for winter break. I could hardly contain myself. I just felt like getting up and sing right infront of the class but of course I wouldn't have the nerve to do that. 

The bell finally rang and we got up and packed our things. I went to my locker and started humming. I was about to slam my locker shut when it slammed shut by someone else. 

I turned around and saw... Matthew Hyder. Known as to me, Mr. Pain-In-My-Ass. "Yes?" I asked irritated. "We should walk out," he said smirking and putting an arm around my shoulder. One thing about him, his ego gets to his head. 

I shrugged off his arm. "Why are you talking to me?" I asked straight...

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ItiNurk ItiNurk May 09, 2017
If sapphire is like 17? Then her mother gave birth at 14-16?
wttpwriter64 wttpwriter64 Jun 29, 2017
Im going to give you some suggestions. Your story is basically like really dull and boring no offense. You gotta liven it up a bit. Im not saying I can do better but Im just trying to help. Otherwise your story would be great :)
aspirixx aspirixx Apr 07, 2017
So I was born when my mom was 25... so yeah.... I'm gonna imagine they are 42 though
KinkyDolan KinkyDolan Apr 13, 2017
My mom had me at 30. Her mom had her at 21. Sapphires mother had her at 14-16?
Green_Ball_Monster Green_Ball_Monster Mar 04, 2017
After I got back from the ski trip I would be like:
                               "Oh my god I'm pregnant!!"
disneyfreakforever disneyfreakforever Mar 05, 2017
🔫 there you go.
                              🔪a knife if directly want to cause him pain.
                              💣 you never know when you'd need one, it will make sure you wipe him from all existence
                              💊 drug him it has less evidence, plus it's easier this way.