Superhuman (Marauders Era) #WATTYS2017

Superhuman (Marauders Era) #WATTYS2017

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michelle By awakeninq Updated Jan 15

"She's not a normal human- she's a superhuman. Engineered, you could say. Faster, stronger, smarter. Better hearing, vision, smell. She could run to Japan, to and from in ten seconds. She could pick up the entire school. She could probably even calculate the hardest problems in her mind in five seconds."
"She's dangerous,"
"I know. But it's a risk I'm willing to take,"

She had known she was never normal. She was different. Maybe she wasn't even human. She had no idea.
It's a sad thing, not knowing who you are or where you come from. And not knowing if anyone was safe around you, for with all her powers combined, who knows what the possibilities are?

*Marauders Era James Potter love story*

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People are so rude! If I looked like that, I would take so many selfies!
ReggieArcturusBlack ReggieArcturusBlack Jul 06, 2017
Maybe it's suppose to be a period and it's actually 5 pounds
Crazy_AwesomeGirl Crazy_AwesomeGirl Aug 25, 2017
I like her hair it's pretty but...not her face😂😂😂😂
explodingkittenz explodingkittenz Aug 04, 2017
Her face looks like she's in the middle of changing into some creepy monstee
Melonypanda Melonypanda Nov 07, 2016
THE NEXT GENERATION OF HUMANS IS- living in my basement? *cue Lab Rats music*