Insanity (Yandere Males x Reader)

Insanity (Yandere Males x Reader)

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"(Name).. I love you. You're mine, and I'm yours. I could just eat you up, you know?"

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Wow..... I could just imagine someone else seeing the head like ' you just show a head in public dude.....nice hiding spot to SHOW ME A DEAD HEAD '
Come on man I am straight. No need to worry...... But then again I don't know about her.
YoU killed her boobs...... if she had really big ones the  they'll be her shield and she could of taken a few more stabs
I just thought of Haruhi from high school host club.....and I'm like.....'are you fricking lesbian???'
Kicked him and he died. 
                              Yooo. This dude needs to start working for the government if he's that strong.
-NgaEbonuYandere15- -NgaEbonuYandere15- Dec 23, 2016
Oh and then we live happily forever after 😇 minus all that bad mumbo-jumbo of course.