Are You Scared Of Me? (boyxboy)

Are You Scared Of Me? (boyxboy)

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Emo Friend By lceRose Updated Dec 24, 2016

Virus was locked up, chained up and tied up his whole life. Being the only werewolf in his town was hard. He was forced to live in is wolf from his first years till he was 15.

One day, animal helpers come to save him. But it all back fires. Virus flees to the woods, running as fast as his weak legs could take him till he finds a different town. This town has, knows and respect werewolf. Triplet Alphas run the town and are feared, respected and followed. Things take a strange turn when virus stumbles into their town.

What happens when the three alphas end up mated to poor little Virus?

Find out.

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Ren_666_rules Ren_666_rules Oct 24, 2017
Why would anyone want to hurt him? He is beautiful. I wouldn't even leave him outside.
SilverRain77 SilverRain77 Mar 24, 2017
Ive always wondered what happened to that guy and who he was
Shipsailrgramerpirat Shipsailrgramerpirat Jan 18, 2017
*"Hey little guy." He took carful steps forwards me, afraid and on high alert, "Wanna get out of there?"*
333TheDuke 333TheDuke Mar 27, 2016
Interesting. Good emotion and feelings. Grammar and formatting need some work. Also, I am curious as to why the dog would be opposed to sadness and pity, as he seems to be a manifestation of such feelings. Still, not a bad start.
-TheLastGayTimelord- -TheLastGayTimelord- Sep 30, 2016
Wolves can't cry. The only animals that can cry are people and elephants.
-TheLastGayTimelord- -TheLastGayTimelord- Sep 30, 2016
Dang cat lovers. Oh wait, I'm a neko so I can't say jack. Damn it!