Across The Screen [Matt x Reader- Death Note fanfic]

Across The Screen [Matt x Reader- Death Note fanfic]

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LinkThePokemon By LinkThePokemon Updated Nov 13, 2015

It had been a while since you worked alongside anyone. Usually, you would stay at home and do all of your work from there, but this time was different... Since something interesting was happening.

You are an infamous hacker known as Blank (yes, a No Game No Life reference) who takes jobs from the only man known to get in touch with L- Watari. He informed you that something was different with the computers and wanted you to check them out. That was where you found it... A trace.

Someone had hacked their way in.

What began as a simple poke turned into something unexpected... A one time thing became the daily.

As you grew closer to the stranger, you began to get curious. Slowly, questions began to flood your mind.

Who was he? What did he look like?

Most importantly...

Why can't I get him off of my mind?


I do not own Death Note, the characters, or original plot (although I do own the Matt love story plot in this book). I own Yamato and Shiro, despite the fact that their last names are references. Also, I do not own any of the animes mentioned and/or referenced. This is merely for fun.

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skele-turtle skele-turtle Apr 01, 2017
Black coffee with sugar at night to finish an anime is the best way
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Sometimes I feel like I'm the only person who doesn't mind smoking, but doesn't do it. I don't plan to do it because I don't care enough or have the time to. But I don't mind it
DemonKrys DemonKrys Sep 05, 2017
Honestly, I would KILL to have a 1969 Dodge Charger like Matt's. But... That's a nice car too.
SmokinSnail SmokinSnail Oct 30, 2016
Matt and I have everything in common, unfortunately that means chain smoking as well -.-
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My sister named someone I know "BITE HIM" so people know who to bite.
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I smoke once in a while... And i like chocolate so i cant complain