Don't Deny

Don't Deny

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❝I can't help but to fall in love with you❞

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cover by @-sadistry

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SleepyHun SleepyHun Jul 03, 2017
"Not another one"? Why not? Let's swap then, so I can enjoy that *-*
Y'all need to look at the cast members, it's pure perfection😂👌
MinttyYoongs MinttyYoongs Sep 04, 2017
The words i Want to use would get my comments flagged so just know the first word starts with a B the middle one is an F and last one is a D
xXxHannaxXx xXxHannaxXx Aug 06, 2017
                              If it will get eny deeper than he would sound like a freaking whale...
Rockysa Rockysa Apr 25, 2017
We must find a way to make it deeper.  What am I saying? It's already too deep
LoveKpopPortugal_14 LoveKpopPortugal_14 Jan 23, 2017
Omg..this has nothing to do with the story but when he readed that letter I was listening to love letter by VIXXA and I started crying