Then You Came (DaraGon Fanfic)

Then You Came (DaraGon Fanfic)

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He's a sought after bachelor. One who can have whatever he wants... including WOMEN. 

When his only sibling died, he was left with twins to take care of... and he felt burdened because of that.

She's an orphan who loves her little siblings. Although not related by blood, she will do anything just to make them happy and live a problem-free life.

What if faith brings both of them together?


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DaraButterfly DaraButterfly Nov 19, 2016
Just read this yesterday @Aff, and read it one go, I love this story authornim and add to my Reading list I'm (daragonbutterfly @aff)
gwenllian00 gwenllian00 Sep 20, 2015
Hi. it reminds of Love So Life manga. Wondering if you've read it? :-)
iamjeng02 iamjeng02 Aug 25, 2015
Aw Cris! I am practically hooked by your new story. Update another chap tonight please..
daragonxxi12 daragonxxi12 Aug 24, 2015
pls continue to write on daragon!!! love it... this story is good... love it so so much:)
Jasayel Jasayel Aug 23, 2015
New story ! Aigooo ! I love your story "MENDED" ! I will support this story ! Author jjang ! Applers are proud of you fighting ! Keep faith !
paintingtigers paintingtigers Aug 23, 2015
kyaaaaa~ another daragon fluff unnieee~ kkk, author unnie is jjang!!! woohoo, i'm so going to wait for this story!!! Can't stop love Hengshooo~