Bullied Love (Boyxboy)

Bullied Love (Boyxboy)

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Trey Hoffman is bullied.

He is bullied everyday at school, why? All because he's gay.

And the worst part is that Trey has a crush on the one person who makes his life hell.

The one person who truly lives to make Treys life a living hell, who? Dawson Curtis.

Dawson Curtis is a known jock, so that basically means that he's a man whore who could get any girl in the entire school in his bed. 

Sure he was hot but he made Treys life a living hell, so why did Trey like him? Trey has no idea.

Dawson has been bullying Trey since middle school, why? Trey has no idea.

Dawson beats Trey up every single day and won't stop calling him names, but it doesn't effect Trey too much because he's gotten used to the name calling.

Trey with a broken home...

Dawson with a broken past...

But when Dawson goes to far he is forced to do something he would never have even thought of doing.

With a possible unexpected  love triangle forming, and lots of heated moments...

Two not so different worlds collide, but nobody can tell the end result....

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not the fanciest car? dude, that's already a rather cool car... really cool if I dare say.
I actually have a crush on this guy from reaction time on YouTube but he lives miles away and he is so much older
FiveSummerection9 FiveSummerection9 Jun 12, 2016
And what if I don't want to?!? I'm not going and THAT'S final*slams door on face*
Grimisphere Grimisphere Apr 17, 2016
I feel so sad because everyone hates her so much and I'm sitting here like 'This is me trying to get my friends off their asses'
FiveSummerection9 FiveSummerection9 Jun 12, 2016
He's lucky, that he's cute or I'd rip out every strand of his brown hair!!
bbittner bbittner Jul 14, 2016
True I'm a girl and a nerd at that and I really think prom is stupid