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Spike/Chase x Reader (Lab Rats)

Spike/Chase x Reader (Lab Rats)

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TayTurtle26 By TayTurtle26 Updated Dec 11, 2016

This is for @CatalinaBeunrostro. I liked her story, but their were many grammical errors. I fixed them, while also adding more of my own writing to the story. Enjoy!

Shadowydude Shadowydude Nov 24, 2016
Pandalion23 Pandalion23 Jan 04
yo what`s upstairs? besides davenport`s bedroom and possibly a bathroom?
Pandalion23 Pandalion23 Jan 04
i think she`d really say something crude, instead of an i`m sorry
YouTube_Is_Life56 YouTube_Is_Life56 May 31, 2016
A DEFINITE YAYAAAAAY INSTEAD OF A NAY NAY. Oh the last time I checked this was different
MysteriousKnight101 MysteriousKnight101 Nov 06, 2016
I was puffy in your hands-but now i don't have the strength to staaaaanddd~
Avenge_The_Avengers Avenge_The_Avengers Aug 11, 2016
If I die young, bury me in satin, lay me down on a bed of roses, send me in the river at dawn, send me away with the words of a love song