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(continued after ddandmd, I do not own gravity falls or any of the pictures)

   After spending the first real quality time with his great uncle Ford,  Dipper Pines finally has someone who won't tease what he likes, make fun of his personality, and someone he can truly trust.  In other words he has finally made a friend.  Allthough, when you make one friend you can lose another, and in this case, that friend is mabel. Sadly, the twins are now drifting farther away from each other. This is the perfect chance for someone,  or rather something,  to make his move and destroy Dipper from the inside out. 

Yay my first story!  Warning since  school is starting soon if I continue this book chapters might take a while longer

.."and I'm not a FLOATING DORITO!"
                              I'm eating red Doritos right now lol
Oreo-Queen Oreo-Queen Sep 20
Poor Dipper. He's got a BAAAAD headache. Go get some aspirin. *hands dipper aspirin*
Oreo-Queen Oreo-Queen Sep 21
Wow. Can't you take a joke bill?
                              I cringe whenever I see doritos. So, whenever we go to the store.
Magic_Cat Magic_Cat Jun 07
Damn why does this remind me of the old (early 2000's) Teen Titans episodes with Robin and Slade.
Maybe he's mad because he's having flashbacks of his kind being eaten all the time?
Jafaren Jafaren Sep 11
Reads summery * to destroy him from the inside?.......... Bill nye the science guy!!!!