The Nerd's Hot?!?

The Nerd's Hot?!?

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QueenBeautiiful By QueenBeautiiful Updated Jul 22, 2017

Camilla Morgan is a 17-year-old Junior. She's one of those people who everyone loves. Even if they are jealous of her or are just trying to hurt her, eventually you either love her or want to be her best friend. She's your average teenage girl. She loves hanging out with friends, eating, shopping, listening to music, singing, getting her way, and lazing around. But also loves to do other things. She can be the sweet charmer when she wants to be and can be feisty and bad ass if you push the right buttons. Her and her family just moved after living her entire life in Europe to California. Why?? you ask. Because her parents are one of the biggest rocketing businessmen and women in all over the country. Since that's the case, her parents go on many business trips. But this time instead of the business trip being a few weeks- months at the most- this one is a year long job. Because of the reason that the business trip lasts through the entire school year, her mom doesn't want her living by herself for a year even though they could catch moments to visit, but those are very rare. That means that she has to leave her friends and everything she knows back in Europe. But what happens when she comes up with the plan to go undercover as 'the Nerd?' But hey, that's alright. She says "It's better to be labeled a nerd and have no friends, than being  labeled popular and having fake ones."

Oh. And to make things even more complicated... Did I tell you she's a werewolf!!

Will Camila ever see home and her friends again? Will she make any new true friends without the 'Nerd' facade interfering? What will happen when somebody finds out her secret? Is there more to Camila than the eye sees? Is there more to Camila's activities than she's letting on?

You know what they say... What's in the dark, always come to the light.