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Alpha Girl (On Hold)

Alpha Girl (On Hold)

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Author X By Official_Author_X Updated Nov 14, 2016

"Yes, I'm a female with it!" I said. He came closer getting in my personal space.
"Well Kyla, I need a Luna, and your my mate. So your either gonna need to abandon your pack, or integrate them into mine. Either way you need to step down from your Alpha position," his words made me laugh. As if! I worked my tail off to be respected as Alpha no way was I giving it up...even for my mate. 
"Is that a challenge?" I asked when he nodded I only smirked. "You're on!" 

Kyla (Kyle) Carver is the first and only female Alpha in the world. When she was young her parents and brother were killed by a rival pack, leaving her as the only wolf left in their Alpha bloodline. Growing up her grandfather groomed her to become an Alpha and that's exactly what she did. To other packs she goes by 'Kyle' to give her pack the upper hand when someone attacks. Don't trust a pretty face, because her "pretty face" will be the last thing you see when she's done with you. 

Carter Hastings is an alpha. He believes the men should do the hunting and the girls should stay home and take care of the house and kids. He believes his Luna will be the ultimate stay at home trophy wife. Sadly he is mistaken as his mate, is an alpha..the only female alpha in the world to be exact. 

This is not the tale of  a Alpha finding it's Luna, but a tale of two Alpha's finding each other. There can only be one alpha who will it be? Kyla or Carter? You need to read to find out! 

*Updates on Saturday/Sunday....hopefully*

Estrella2212 Estrella2212 a day ago
It's Colton Hayes there may not be the picture but scroll down and when it's says view *7* cast members click it and near the bottom it will say who Carter is and everyone else
You've got it all mistaken my boi. Her name is Kyla, her parents and BROTHER were killed. She IS alive. She doesn't have a little sister. SHE IS FEMALE!
FredComeBack FredComeBack Dec 19, 2016
Oh I know you did NOT just say that. If it's so easy you go do it😡😡🖕🏾
Alexis_Winters Alexis_Winters May 17, 2016
Ivy? Isn't it Kyla? I'm so confused and Kylie too? Nickname, maybe?
Yeah "nothing" She just has to give birth, look after the children which won't listen, clean all your crap and cook for a big family. TOTALLY NOT A BIG DEAL😑😑😑