The Deadly Priestess (Killua x Gon x Kurapika x oc)

The Deadly Priestess (Killua x Gon x Kurapika x oc)

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IDK By CrystalAngelSlayer Updated Jul 03

Name: Shirayuki  

Age: 12

Gender: Female

Hair color: Midnight black hair

Eye Color: Bright purple eyes that changes. The right eye turns blue while, the left eye turn red when she uses her nen. 

Skin color: Pearl white skin. 

Heigh: 5'1 (The same as gon)

Likes: Candy, Sweets, Grandpa Netero, and the crew (Killua, Gon, Kurapika, and Leorio)

Nen: Specialist she can use any type of hatsu 

Element - She can use any elements that she desires. Including secondary elements like lightning, metal, ice and such. But when she's really angry she can turn everything around her into ice. Well at least cover it.

Healing - She can heal people but she has to be able to touch that person.

Recreate - Once she sees someone's ability even if it's nen she can recreate that ability for herself. Also works on objects so she can also fix objects as long as she seen it.

Shadow Puppet - She can control her shadow to make her self covered in shadow so her presence is gone. Or make it into a weapon or ...

"Be careful not to tri"trips over air and faceplants the ground"nevermind"
thaiswolf thaiswolf Aug 10
Is she God? She could probably beat the entire phantom troupe at once. Maybe take on all of the chimera ants at once even the king. And she is still only twelve imagine when she is like chairman netero's age.
I love you're character! Don't get down if someone says she's an OP Mary-Sue. I think they're alright, besides it's your character and if someone doesn't like it, it's their problem. Also, OP characters have weaknesses too. I've learned that through lots of good anime's and books. :)
Shy-Neko Shy-Neko Sep 04
She has the same hair color as I do... I like to comment a lot :D
Shy-Neko Shy-Neko Sep 04
@CrystalAngelSlayer picture reminds me of the Philippines... what a wonderful scenery :)
Shy-Neko Shy-Neko Sep 04
DYK: Shirayuki mean Snow White
                              Their is an anime named : Snow White with The Red Hair also know as The apple-haired princess or in Japanese akagami no shirayukihime