The Senior ♡ Jack J

The Senior ♡ Jack J

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"You are so into him..." She laughed and pushed my shoulder. 

"Oh, shut up." I frowned and picked up my bacon burger, being careful not to ruin my black acrylics. 

"You should totally ask him out." She playfully wiggled her eyebrows and bit her lip. 

"He doesn't like younger girls, Maggie.." 

"Of course he does, he dated Madison when she was a freshman." 

"Maggie, that was Gilinsky. Besides, he doesn't even know I exist.." 


"Why don't we do a little experiment?" Maggie offers, raising her eyebrows. 

I furrowed my eyebrows and cocked my head, waiting her for little, "plan." 
"Pretend you're a senior, mind as well, you're right, he doesn't know you exist, so why don't you try it?" 

"That's not half bad..." I reply with a smirk placed on my lips.


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MayGncds MayGncds Jul 07
I'm imagining this in my mind 
                              This is too cute 
                              My mind can't have this much of it.
dAMnBER dAMnBER Jul 09, 2016
@kristannna nah these jealous asf people are just trying to ruin our relationship like tf do people think these days even with Shawn they still do this -_-
irrelevantlmao irrelevantlmao Dec 26, 2016
n-iouma n-iouma Dec 20, 2016
isnt that what old ppl say?
                              jack,i want your hand in marriage
maltyk maltyk Jul 08, 2016
I use that and it doesn't work 🙄🙄😂 I'm still the baby lmao
coconutsuns coconutsuns Aug 01, 2016
Idk why but I'VE NEVER EVER SHIPPED ALLI AND JOHNSON! everyone calls me a hater because of that😂😂 and on my Twitter and my friends are like "omg! Jack and alli would be my OTP" and I'm just here like "bitchh Nah. And he mine either way" but yea