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Big Daddy

Big Daddy

84.5K Reads 4.5K Votes 28 Part Story
Breezy's Wifey💍 By Breezysolegendary Completed

Dominate, determined to get his way, this describes Christopher Maurice Brown. 3 girls, in need of one more, he sets his eyes on two different girls at the university. He's interested in both but needs only one. Who's he gonna choose?

qveen_of_boo qveen_of_boo Jul 15, 2016
Hol up you do all this bs and dont nobody know you gotta a basment full of females wtf
Brat_Nat Brat_Nat Sep 10, 2016
I knew she was going to be in it because of the title😍😍😘
Breezyxbree Breezyxbree Jul 14, 2016
Master? I ain't no damn slave. Nigga yo name is Christopher. Tf
Breezysfinest Breezysfinest Sep 12, 2016
Say my name, say my name. When no one is around you say baby I love you 🎶🎶
ShadyYaya ShadyYaya Sep 12, 2016
He killed her then mopped the floor with her before throwing her in the corner 🙁
- - Jun 05, 2016
What if the devil looked as good or better than Chris...🤔