Love Bites // Chandler Riggs

Love Bites // Chandler Riggs

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Soreya Hayley ✔ By lukesbigbanana Completed

i concealed the purple bruises on my neck with my long, brown hair, not wanting anyone to see them.

"chandler, the hickeys you gave me-"

"shh, they're love bites."


in which a young girl meets a young boy by the name of chandler.

*face palms* vampire really?
                              *laughs hysterically* 😓 *contains inner-fangirl*
ILoveSheriffsBoy3 ILoveSheriffsBoy3 Dec 04, 2016
How is Chandler ew!?!?! Ur ew!! And stupid!! Chandler is perfect
TeenWalker TeenWalker Aug 05, 2016
It doesn't matter it's chandler Riggs for crying out loud he can freaking teleport XD
stilesstilinskiwife stilesstilinskiwife Aug 26, 2016
When she said weird I though of stiles from teen wolf 😂💔
welcome_to_midnight welcome_to_midnight Nov 16, 2016
*Mabel Pines Voice* please be a vampire, please be a vampire, please be a vampire
DixonChick DixonChick Dec 04, 2016
This is seriously the best sentence ever. It has no correlation with friends, but it's perfect😂