Angelic Blood [Fairy Tail/Nalu Fanfic]

Angelic Blood [Fairy Tail/Nalu Fanfic]

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Alana By alanaCowdery Completed

Cover by @NyxAbsol (She's amazing!) xx

Lucy is disturbed when Virgo appears. She warns her of a silver key spirit that has been changing things around, and messing with the flow of the Celestial World, and that he has opened a gate by himself and is currently in Magnolia. Later on she meets this spirit, and it's unexpected power causes a life threatening problem.

Lucy later discovers her true identity, and what she was capable of all along. She has a power like no other, and this 'spirit' is the only one who knows the full story. As her strength progresses, lives are lost and tragedies are constantly happening, sending Lucy into a panic. Can she really save everyone at once, without a sacrifice?
And with everything going on, Lucy's feelings for Natsu begin to grow...

At first it was nothing. And was everything.

I hope you enjoy!
I do not own Fairy Tail!

Jinxxlove Jinxxlove May 29
She can't die. Its like the second chapter. WHO DIES IN THE SECOND CHAPTER!?
livylooyt1 livylooyt1 Dec 21, 2016
I just imagined Erza just stuffing her face and glaring at the cake LOL
- - Apr 12, 2016
Ha ha! My friend introduced me to Fairytail... Now I'm stuck reading them constantly! Lol good job on @Bellaboo0904  cover for "how she became" because it looks great!
DerinChimes DerinChimes Jul 13, 2016
The bit where it's like I ate my cake angrily is so me its sad
I can imagine Erza stabbing her cake and each time the take flips over 😂😂
alanaCowdery alanaCowdery Aug 18, 2015
I'm nearly done writing chapter 2. I'll probably post it tonight :D