Beginnings. || a Nick Clark, FTWD ff. [ON HOLD]

Beginnings. || a Nick Clark, FTWD ff. [ON HOLD]

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LukeysIrishDimples By LukeysIrishDimples Updated Oct 22, 2016

"Nicole Grimes... You truly are a dream."

I was certifiably crazy, I didn't know what was happening to me. How was it possible for me to be in love during the apocalypse? It sounded so tiresomely cliché, a broken boy breaking down a girls walls without even realising it and her immediately falling for him, like a fairytale.

But we didn't live in a fairytale land, there was no castle, no happily ever after, I was no princess and Nick was certainly no Prince, but aside from all of that I felt like he was the most perfectly broken person I had ever met and just as all disastrous love stories went; I wanted to fix him.

But Nick did not want to be fixed.

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LukeysIrishDimples LukeysIrishDimples Oct 10, 2016
@woworiginal she know what it is but she calls it a zombie because their group hasn't been introduced to a name for them yet etc walkers, eaters, geeks
LukeysIrishDimples LukeysIrishDimples May 21, 2016
I don't have the pOwEr, I apparently have many fücking problems reading back over this
woworiginal woworiginal Oct 10, 2016
Zombies don't exist in twd universe she'd just think it was a crazy person or something
Bekah_XOX_ Bekah_XOX_ May 25, 2016
Grimes? Is she like Rick's daughter or something? (That would be kind of cool)
ispeakenochian ispeakenochian Oct 05, 2015
His last name is Manawa, not Salez. Not being mean, but I just thought you should know.
hayleym102 hayleym102 Sep 12, 2015
Now that you mentioned 5sos they would be a good idea to add in the story.