(completed)Jealous best friend (naruhina)

(completed)Jealous best friend (naruhina)

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Hinata Hyuga has had a crush on her best friend Naruto Uzumaki ever since they met. Unfortunately Naruto likes someone else. Sakura Harano. And sakura hates Hinata. She tries her best to keep naruto from falling in love with hinata. 

When Naruto and Hinata get a mission to bring back a boy named Natsu the drama starts.

*I don't own naruto or any of the characters except the ones that I made up

Yup. Believe what you want, but your still a baka for not seeing Hinata.
dashaiona dashaiona Nov 07
Rewriting*** the book is amazing by far but there A lot of misspelling cx
I am really liking this book so far.👍
                              Don't let your creativity die!!
I used to write on a iPod 3 that odd had since I was 5 ya old af
RadioR3b3l RadioR3b3l Feb 11
HOW DARE YOU AAY NATSU HACE ICE POWERS. That's offending is dignity.
Ok when they stopped you forgot to put the Kun in Naruto.
                              Unless you aren't going to be doing that in this book.