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*Queen Rita* By LaLittleTigress Completed

She is made of fire and he isn't afraid of getting burned.

Fallen Eden, that's what Victoria is known among the supernatural world. 
Her mark? A burning handprint with two crosses in the middle.

But what happens when Victoria's path  crosses with her nemesis?

A Wildfire of course.

Logan Valentine is one of the strongest Alphas. His pack might be the smallest but it's also the deadliest.
But this strong Alpha has a thorn stuck on his paw. Who? Fallen Eden.

"She's mad but she is magic. There's no lie in her fire."-  Bukowski.

WARNING: this book has a lot of misspellings and grammar errors due to the fact that I'm foreign so English isn't my first language. So bare with me when you see them and, probably, cringe. Despite all of that, I will not tolerate rude comments and such. I will report them and delete them. Also, I'm trying to slowly edit it yet my schedule is not the best so, once more, be patient with me.

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sophiekiernsn sophiekiernsn Jul 07, 2017
I bought my friend a piggy bank the size of a dog for Christmas and we decided to name him smooche. Now every time I go to her house I put a coin in him, I think just from me she's gained at least €30😂
kimeco24 kimeco24 Nov 19, 2017
Me af. Like in tv shows, I would always go for the evil guys because they're hot
OrkydPangelinan OrkydPangelinan Oct 02, 2017
Just this chapter alone is the best btw this book will get major votes from me as well bookmatking into my faves after im done reading it. I have very few faves.
L_A_R_A_9 L_A_R_A_9 Jul 16, 2017
"Oh, my, god!! I'm like sooo sorry"
                              "Yeah you better be"
                              "Bish nah I'm not"