In The Midst Of War... (Solangelo AU) (On Hold)

In The Midst Of War... (Solangelo AU) (On Hold)

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Problematic Side Hoe By sun_angel_ Updated Feb 21

Will goes to Italy for a gap year before starting college, and (literally) runs into Nico Di Angelo, a moody and resentful Italian, his sister Bianca, who is a lot nicer, and their mother, who doesn't even speak English.

When America declares war on Italy, Will finds himself trapped in Italy with a lot of enemies. Bianca takes him in, promising to help, but Nico is having none of it. The boys have nothing in common, but Bianca makes Nico tolerate Will.

 Despite all of his desperate attempts at friendship, Nico refuses to be anything more than acquaintances. Then disaster strikes, and they are forced to make things work between them.

This is a Solangelo/willico fanfic. The characters don't belong to me, they belong to Rick Riordan.

Cover by @my_chemical_joshler

It says "he's a stupid american, and he doesn't need to know."
Nico said: "Hey, look where you're going!"  idiota is obviously idiot soo
Nico: "He's a stupid american, and he doesn't need to know." 
                              First of all, rUDE. I'm pretty sure that would trigger american readers xDD
Bianca: "I'm sorry for my brother, he's a bit imprecabilible."
the moment i saw "flirting" and "man" I was like
                              uh oh 
                              Nico's jelly of his sister ;)) 
                              Nico: "I cANNOT BELIEVE YOU ARE FLIRTING WITH THIS GUY." xDD
NevaNight NevaNight Aug 31
I used my "context clues" to find the word flirting. Good job to me and everyone else I guess. *gives sticker*