T H E  M A I D<> J G

T H E M A I D<> J G

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ya girl By skizzymaloley Updated Jul 06

she was a young girl all on her own,  scrapping up all the money she could to make it day by day
  that was until she answered a request on a flyer. she thought her life had just made a change for the better but the conflict that soon builds between her and her boss soon cause her to stumble. 

     but will it soon turn to love? 

{all rights reserved 2015 GILINSKYTRAPGOD}

Well, I can't. But you can speak french between my legs all night *wink*
Muffinarmy1998 Muffinarmy1998 May 11, 2016
Dude this is literally like fifty shades of grey and i should know thats ma porn 😂😂😂😂
littledoo54 littledoo54 Dec 07, 2016
If Jack spoke French I think we'd all be really fûcked 😍😍
icedvodka- icedvodka- Dec 14, 2016
As soon as I heard 'gilinsky industries' I thought of 50 shades of grey
BritneyBirlem12 BritneyBirlem12 Dec 19, 2016
A lady answered saying who is this and I said is this DADDY Sartorius? **jk intended** and she hung up
Highkey wanna call this number and see if jack will answer...