Please Don't Leave [Cheater!Levi x Reader]

Please Don't Leave [Cheater!Levi x Reader]

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Erii-Chan By royalweiirdo Updated Mar 07

Hot tears streaked down your face as the memories flooded your head. You couldn't believe it. Any of it. For starters, your husband of 3 years had decided to sleep with none other than his new assistant, which just happened to be your best friend. What's even worse, is that he knew she was your best friend. She fucking knew he was your husband. You couldn't help but feel betrayed and, honestly, somewhat idiotic. How did you not see what was going on? Were you actually that oblivious, that dense, to realize that he was having an affair?

Truth be told, you weren't.

But that didn't stop you from coming up with some sorry ass excuses as to why he was always home late. Why he never made time for you. Why he was always short with you. No, [name], you knew the whole fucking time, but you just wanted to keep it to yourself. You wanted to pretend it wasn't there. That every time he did come home late it was cause Erwin had assigned him a lot of extra paper work, and possibly, a promotion. But...

Girl forget Levi causes he anit going to stop be from partying at a club with friend's like armin eren Erwin hajia Jean and others 😂😂 cause u with me party anit going to stop
I only ship petra with, lesbians, bisexuals or male readers. So there for i ship her with me.
You can never make up for it you ass it our anniversary and your skipping it
I am mad, but Petra's gonna get the worst possible ending....
                              BECAUSE I'M GIVING HER THE TASTE OF HER OWN MEDICINE!!
I l-like it e-especially the p-picture 'THE TEAH!' T-that's how I p-pronounce tea w-when I'm b-bored ^u^
Fudge him *walks to bertolt* I have my Senpai who is a COLOSAL. Of a man *pulls bertolt down to my level and kisses him*