The Unknown Guardian

The Unknown Guardian

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CSP2708 and Friends By TheChildrenOfTheGods Completed

It had been many years since Perseus Jackson, the Saviour of Olympus, had been sentenced to death. The life at Camp Half-Blood went on as usual, and the Immortal Heroes passed on their techniques to the younger generation. 

But what will happen when Artemis and her Hunters face imminent danger? 
What will happen when Artemis summons a brave Guardian to protect them? 
And what will happen when that Guardian just happens to be the one and only Perseus Jackson?

Must have read the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, and the Heroes of Olympus series to understand this story.

Book 1 of the UNKNOWN series.


Just imagine that the gaurdian isn't percy. That would be a plot twist.
Hey great story I hope you can update soon i can't wait to read more
AylinAkinal AylinAkinal Oct 29
Couldn't have she ordered her Hunters to close their eyes and then assume her true form to vaporize the monsters? Or is ir direct contact? I was just wondering...
Artimis and Diana arnt 2 different people they r the same person just 2 different personality
*dramatic formal voice* And what, pray tell, is your proof of his treachery, Lord Zeus? Please do tell, for poor Percy and us readers are woefully uninformed of WHAT THE HELL YOU TALKING ABOUT, SAHN?!
This is @DillonWalts we are working on it. @CSP2708 has been looking into a short story contest. I have been adding to the chapter so  please be patient  thank you all you great readers it makes me very happy that you all want us to update so thank you all you loyal readers