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How to irritate the Creepypastas!

How to irritate the Creepypastas!

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Ticci-Toby By TicciErinRogers Updated Dec 05, 2015

I recommend you to be resistable to pain before you try this!

Me: -annoys Masky-
                              MASKY: -grabs a gun-
                              Me: Oh sh*t... -runs like hell-
Dragonkeeper180 Dragonkeeper180 Sep 05, 2016
I love masky too much to annoy him ( couldn't do it even if I wanted too) I'd end up hugging the poor guy and telling him he is awesome!😊
sapphirepokecraft sapphirepokecraft Nov 24, 2016
Me and anna (not the frozen one): *poking masky* hey masky
                              Masky:*gets brick wall*
                              Anna: *puts forcefeild above us before the wall hits us*
                              Masky: how. . . .
                              Anna: im herobrine's daughter, i can do whatever, including summoning a forcefeild
Creepy_Pasta_Girl10 Creepy_Pasta_Girl10 Oct 09, 2016
*annoyinga masky to death*
                              Masky:smashes brick wall over me*
                              Me:*keeps annoying him*im immortal bish
GardenOfNightmares GardenOfNightmares Sep 03, 2016
                              Masky: shut the sh*t up, I will legitimately kill you.
                              Me: ... HEY MASKY-
                              Masky: *grabs brick*
                              Me: *runs like Nina is chasing me*
insane_freak_show insane_freak_show Oct 30, 2016
Me: *pokes Masky* Hey Masky, Hey Masky, Hey Masky, Hey Masky.
                              Masky: I'm going to Kill YOU! *get the nearest weapon* *chase me*
                              Me:_ *ran happily* yay!! Wait no, AHHH!!!