The Mirror of Discord | A Percy Jackson Fanfiction (Book Two)

The Mirror of Discord | A Percy Jackson Fanfiction (Book Two)

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Arisa Kim By neverlanded Updated Oct 24, 2017

Book Two of the Astra Windlass trilogy. 

After the conflict with Kronos and learning about Ouranos' attempt of resurrection, Astra Windlass, daughter of Artemis, is sent on a mission. The Aphrodite cabin has gone missing during their trip to Olympus, and so has the goddess herself. On the other hand, random fights have abnormally been breaking out among campers in Camp Half-Blood, and it's up to Astra and the gang to figure out what's up. Alongside these mysteries, an unexpected reveal from one of the gang's family members will have everything succumb into chaos. 

Even with the feud between Astra and her grandfather, she goes on the quest in hopes of figuring out who exactly is behind all of this. Who is causing the discord in the camp? Does the rising of Ouranos have something to do with this? Or is Astra possibly overthinking everything and should probably settle down with a chocolate taco? 

Based off the Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus series [written before ToA].

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rara_fangirls rara_fangirls Mar 13, 2017
                              a shame the Aphrodite campers aren't there or they would be facepalming
killmiSelf killmiSelf Mar 06
Discord /God of Chaos is going to look through the compact mirror and stalk them (I could just erase that "stalking" part but on the other ✋ I like it
rara_fangirls rara_fangirls Mar 13, 2017
                              I REPEAT
where´s chiron to lead the camp????? sorry Astra but why are you guys the ¨leaders¨
Iycanthropuns Iycanthropuns May 08, 2017
Ok now I know this is a headcanon and every time I see it I crack up so THANKS
FoxieRose FoxieRose Feb 13
okay, everyonr else is guessung. so i will give it a shot. im guessing the missing aphrodite kids are trapped in that broken mirror