A Broken Dancer (A Divergent/Fourtris Story)

A Broken Dancer (A Divergent/Fourtris Story)

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Ella By ThatGirlCalledElla Updated Jun 12

Tris is a broken 18 year-old who has been destroyed by the death of her family two years ago. Tris has been dancing all her life, following the dream of becoming a professional ballet dancer when she's older. But her dream was crushed when she moved in with a man called Peter, her boyfriend. 

A violent and manipulative lawyer who has mistreated and damaged Tris beyond repair. She now works in a diner with her old school friend, Marlene. Following the same routines and serving the same obnoxious people everyday. 

Until she comes across a group of teenagers and a mysterious blue eyed man. Will they be able to help her escape Peter? Maybe even bring her dream back to life? Or will they make things worse and complicate things?

Divergent_Love16 Divergent_Love16 Aug 08, 2016
I am already SUPER excited for this story!!!!!! (Favorite quote right there at the end!!)
jelsalover1231 jelsalover1231 Jun 06, 2016
Dude if you wanted a steak go to a rucking steakhouse instead of a bar it will be better for all of us
shailer4ever shailer4ever Jan 22, 2016
Divergent and dance are the 2 things that I love the most in life !!! I feel like I'm gonna love this story!!
akwarddallas akwarddallas Dec 31, 2015
I would have been left his abusive butt behind and called the police
caitlyn0318 caitlyn0318 Dec 17, 2015
Wow I like from chapter one I cant imagine wat it would be like by the time I get to chapter 10 ur style of writing is soooooo good I love it!!!! Keep it up!!!:)))))
i_love_a_lot i_love_a_lot Oct 28, 2015
If you're ever gonna find a silver lining, it's gotta be a cloudy day. (Silver lining ~ Kacy Musgraves)