Creepypasta Lemons

Creepypasta Lemons

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Jade By Smol_Pixie_ Completed

Nina was sitting on the couch beside her best friend, Jane. 
Nina: "I love Jackie-poo, ya know! But... I don't think he loves me back."

Jane: "Maybe he isn't right for you.... the boys will be back soon. Wanna go to my bedroom?"
Nina smiled and nodded. They walked up to Jane's bedroom. Nina walked in first and Jane closed and... locked... the door behind them. Nina flopped down onto the bed, her legs spread showing some of her pale skin under her skirt. Jane blushed and tried to not look. 

Jane: "Nina. .. I need to tell you something...."

Nina: "Yes?"

Jane: "Nina Hopkins... I love you, honestly I do.... more than a friend."
Nina opened her eyes but was cut off by Jane's lips. Their lips moved in sync for a while. Soon they were both naked. Nina stared at Jane's large breasts. Nina looked down at her own and blushed, having small boobs was embarrassing but Jane loved them. Jane leaned down and took one of Nina's small mounds into her mouth while massaging the other. Nina blushed hea...

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Lazari120103 Lazari120103 Nov 11, 2017
Jeff would be hella shocked at first then he would suddenly be happy.
I am starting to question the decisions that I have made in life :-:-\
Uummmmmmmmm Uummmmmmmmm Aug 20, 2017
Oh my God I just imagined that and it looks so funny/wrong/weird
                              X  3
                              You're kid probably will burn the school down cause the teacher said he couldn't go toilet during a test...
                              Dude I fell out of my bed but my friend is in bed still reading this p. S he really likes it
Lol im so parranoied that slenderman or a pasta of noodle liped is behind me in descise reading over my shoulder throwing up XP