The Halal Way | ✔

The Halal Way | ✔

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We-muslim girls- all know girlfriend and boyfriend ain't halal, and that falling in love is definitely not haram. We just gotta lower our gaze, no lingering looks, and get on with our lives. Easy peasy. Well, that is what Sarah thought before she saw Amir, the hottie in her class. Or as everyone calls him, Smirk face. 

Three looks, a few words spoken, and she is already falling in deep for this curly haired, smirk faced boy.
This is an islamic story. So, if you're not muslim, do not hate on it or criticise. If you want to read it, go ahead. Just don't start commenting bad about it.

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mysterypoem- mysterypoem- 8 hours ago
yassss arab guys don’t get enough credit over their hotness
Arab guys Arab guys Arab guys
                              I'm sorry I'm so immodest and haraam😂😂😂
WHAT 👏🏽WAS👏🏽 THE 👏🏽REASON?! 👏🏽 -cardi b
And that's my so-called famous line. Or, "Same thing." "There is no absolute difference." While rolling my eyes.
YASS thats right you GO !! 
                              Why should we be inclined to being polite to dipshits it the don't deserve the respect ?? Wow
Ughhh, “Mum said”... If I never hear it again it’ll be too soon