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The Decision (Levi X Reader)

The Decision (Levi X Reader)

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Mikasa's wife By funnrz Updated Nov 30, 2015

Just a commoner girl with a dream to be in the Scouts, but can't because she is still too young although she possesses great talent and potential. But what happens when someone see's your talent and offers to lie for you and bring you into the scouts? And what happens when you join and 'they' find out?

There are a few parts where suicidal thoughts are mentioned, my apologies.

ok legit how old are my friend and i
                              cus i feel like we're like 7
Pale white
                              Yzabelle Rinne
                              (Not gunna mention it)
                              Charcoal Black
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Omg this is true... Sometimes I don't know what emotions are like for real