Possessive Carter

Possessive Carter

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Jen i guess By InNeedOfALife Updated Nov 04, 2015

The moment she threw those hot pockets at me, thinking it would affect me, she sealed her fate.

 She's my mate and my Luna. 

She had the most beautiful blue eyes I've ever seen, pouty pink plump lips that id die to taste, midnight black hair that id love to run my hands through.

 My mate was perfection. And she's all MINE.
Claire and her step-brother Joey run away from their "home" as soon as they could. It was just too hectic.

 She never expected some creepy yet hot guy that speaks 4 different languages to be some,... werewolf. And an Alpha at that. 

She never expected to be his mate. 

Most importantly, she never expected to be happy. Not after everything.

 But everything seemed to change for the better, all thanks to Possessive Carter.

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amar7775 amar7775 Jul 16
Both my rotties have only ever growled if someone was fighting they are extremely quiet except for their rottie purr they do it's the cutest thing
itsbluuu itsbluuu Jul 14, 2016
why would he even buy 12 snicker bars?! hahahahahaha I almost died of laughter!!
Dallyislife Dallyislife Aug 18, 2016
Dude same. Snickers and me will never  get separated 😂😂❤
maryory_01 maryory_01 Jun 25, 2016
Lol I use this line when I hear people mumble or talk under their breath 😭😭
BooksTakeYouPlaces BooksTakeYouPlaces Aug 26, 2016
Ow, frozen solid hot pockets would probably hurt. Remind me to never get on someone's bad side.
cake_is_my_life cake_is_my_life Aug 06, 2016
Mate, sorry to break this to you but rotties are generally quiet dogs. 
                              My Charlie barked on two occasions in the almost eleven years we had him. Growling? He only growled when the tumors started growing and causing him too much pain.  
                              Now I've started crying.  
                              Miss him so much