An Otaku Life

An Otaku Life

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Raven Blackwood By MidnightRaven4049 Updated Sep 10, 2015

Ask me questions on animes, your otaku life or about one, or even just about fandoms 

I will also be just publishing random otaku problems on slides, so if you have one you want me to publish, just comment or message me.

I will also be using the internet, my brain, and my lousy otaku life to come up with stuff.

All credit given to their respective owners, enjoy, smash that vote button, and follow if you like what you read here.  :3

DerpieDemon's " Chasing Ghosts " AoT fanfic... (it was beautiful, but also hearthrobbjng)
HNNNGH I don't get it and I'm too lazy to figure it out (Attack on Titan)
Chazie245 Chazie245 Aug 01
I don't remember which one, but there was a manga I was reading and I didn't get or understand anything in it. Ten I found out the anime and watched it and finally understood what the hell was happening and the names of the characters
And if you finished the anime and decided to read the ongoing manga afterwards you suffer from having to wait for the next chapter to come out 😣😣😣