Sheva's Plotties

Sheva's Plotties

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foreplay queen ☤ By WordsOnFire Updated Aug 24, 2017

Need some inspiration with your writing? Want to write something amazing and unique but your mind is completely and utterly blank? 

This is a book of plots. It's not necessarily a plot shop but it is a place for inspiration. We're all inspired by someone or something in our writing, or else where would we get the origin of our ideas from? These plots present ideas from different angles, you can't take the entire plot but you can create a spinoff (using your own originality and individuality) from the original plot description I've provided. 

Tons of ideas come to my mind and I don't think I'll ever be able to write them all myself so I'd like to see them come to life and I'm willing to share that with you all. 

So, I implore you to read me.

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venturesomee venturesomee Jan 10, 2017
You should definitely write it, you have a way with words cx love this idea x
OoEnchantedPizzaoO OoEnchantedPizzaoO Sep 21, 2015
-jawdrops- ...
                              ...Do it -whispers with wide eyes- Just, do it. '0'
liljess_ liljess_ Sep 02, 2015
O.M.G..........!!!!!!!!! I luv luv luv luv luv luuuuuuuuv this story's plot, it's amazing. I really hope you write this story, it sounds like it would be good: )
- - Aug 31, 2015
I hope you'll write this one day. I will definitely read it :)
gummyWormsAddict gummyWormsAddict Aug 22, 2015
I SENT YOU A MESSAGE OF SOMETHING IMPORTANTEEE YOU MUST READ IT BECAUSE IM EXCITED ABOUT IT EVEN THOUGH I SHOULDDDNTT BEEEE @WordsOnFire sorry if I'm being annoy though I'm not trying to be ill just shut up now .-.