Lovers Band~Fairytail 2.0( Book 2•Sequal to Lovers Band)✔️

Lovers Band~Fairytail 2.0( Book 2•Sequal to Lovers Band)✔️

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🌸⚡️SASUSAKU⚡️🌸 By nalu_lovers Completed

Disclaimer~this the sequel to the first book called lovers band if you have not read it please go check it out then you can understand the story. 

Lucy is back from 3 years and her and Natsu are now together with 2 kids including Lucys adopted child Wendy. 

Natsu wants to get the band back together. But when lucy hears about it she Imediately gets scared. 

She tells everyone why she left and everything that happend back 3 years ago. 

With new generations coming. Look into what lucy has to deal with when it comes to Sabertooth and Fairytail 2.0.

Started: December 24, 2015
Completed: May 29, 2016

potxto_princess potxto_princess Mar 18, 2016
🎶 We are family, I got my brothers and my sisters and me 🎶
                              IM COMING HOME
                              TELL NATSU IM COMING HOME
                              LET THE RAIN WASH AWAY
                              AND HIS CHILDREN ARE COMING WITH ME!!!!
Biancanina Biancanina Nov 02, 2016
Luce should have told natsu at the end that they have children,but I love the story so fat
Pikachu904726 Pikachu904726 Jul 13, 2016
How? Did Luke...know was it the hair? The eyes? Way he acted?!
Animetonight Animetonight Feb 29, 2016
It should've been the Darth Vader scene.
                              Natsu: Luke..I am you're father
                              Luke: ...........
Yukiona12 Yukiona12 Feb 06, 2016
Is Natsu deaf or something because Lucy said YOUR kids NOT STINGS (THAT MOTHERASSHOLE) kids