Sour-Wolf  | | Derek Hale (1)

Sour-Wolf | | Derek Hale (1)

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Derek placed a hand over were the bite mark should have been. I looked down than back up at Derek. "How did you know about that?" Derek didn't have to answer. I already knew. "You were there. You're the one who taped me up. You took me home," Derek moved some hair out of my face. "Why?"

"You're special."


Schae McCall was always the quiet girl in the corner. Well, to everyone else, but her two best friends. Her twin brother, Scott and Stile Stilinski, what happens after one night in the woods when her and Scott gets attack by some animal. 

They go through some changes and Schae somehow manages to snag a certain Sour-Wolf's heart. Will he treat it with care or rip it out of her chest with his claws? Read to find out.

[Teen Wolf: Season 1]

Disclaim: I do not own Teen Wolf, but I do own Schae McCall.

I used to call my brother bubba because I couldn't pronounce his name right
I ship them already 😂😂😂😂😂😍😍😍😍😘😚😗😙😗😘😙😗😚😍😚😘😊🤗☺😚😘😂
I saw this scene in the middle of the night and I just started laughing so hard 😂😂😂
When i read the description i read Scott Mccall not Schae. AND then it said she.... so i started questioning since when is Scott's a she and the i remembered the got girl Scott. I kinda was dissapointed when i read it again and it was Schae not Scott... Scott needs his hot girl moment xd
when schea turnd into a werewolf and wasblike trying to sniff Derek i was like:
                              WTF!! GIIIIIIRRRLLLL