Everybody Wants to be a Cat

Everybody Wants to be a Cat

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Eggshellbinch By LionLlamaBear Completed

Dan Howell was anything but normal. He was a neko. Living in a world where Nekos are treated like servants for those who are "normal", has forced Dan to hide all of his life.

He was homeschooled until his 11th year, he had finally convinced his parents
 to let him go to a public school.  Thats when he met Phil Lester. A handsome boy a year older than him. Who happened to be a supporter of equal rights for Nekos.

Phil was perfect. He finally had a boyfriend and friends. But was this all too good to be true..

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Yes pj my man but not actually cause Sophie exist but yeah pj good human
It's a damn shame that this is badly written. The premise is amazing and interesting but the writing falls flat. I had hope but after dan started crying over nothing I decided to drop it. He's not 4, he understand social constructs, he wouldnt cry that easily. Its unrealistic