Rejected by my Best Friend (Book #1 in the RBMBF series)

Rejected by my Best Friend (Book #1 in the RBMBF series)

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Jen By Vanilla_Creme Updated Aug 10, 2014

Emeli and Derek have been best friends ever since they could remember.

Derek being the future alpha of the Shadow Moon Pack and her twin brother being the Beta. She basically has the good life. 

But when it's Derek's 18th birthday comes around and he finds his mate, they both are in for a surprise. They're mates! 

But Emeli is in for a bigger surprise, he rejects her!   

Join Emeli to witness her life as it turns upside down. Through friendship, to heart break, to jealousy, and love her life is now a crazy mixed up world. Will she forget her life long best friend because of rejection, or will she fight for what she wants?

akaliskills_08 akaliskills_08 Aug 17, 2015
In every single werewolf story I've read, there's always a beta brother, it's not that I have a problem with it, I like that idea. But why? I'm just wondering.
AceelRD AceelRD Mar 23, 2013
i love it !! so eggier to know more !! already a fan of ur story !! i'm glad i came across it !! :D <3 xx
AceelRD AceelRD Mar 23, 2013
I love ur idea !! Update ur chapter !! I've got me as a fan of ur story !! Can't wait for the chapter !!
yojdee yojdee Mar 23, 2013
i think this one would be a good story. cant w8 2 read chapter 1.... gud luck...